The End Of This Chapter?

[Phone rings]

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I'm getting ready to send the payment to buy Truefan's Drta wig on either Monday or Tuesday.

It's going to Danaë (Coco) when/if she gets here as a birthday present from Leon. ^_^

[EDIT:] Also, is dollie-mixtures not loading for anyone else? Same with plurk

on a lighter note,
I'm scared because I'm really liking a Puki...

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I feel really pissed at myself. Sakana had been on a type three for so long that I forgot that obitsu bodies stained.

She had her red re-ment dress on all night and her breasts, part of her left shoulder, back and part of her left leg on the bag is now stained. Grr! I can't believe I let it happened! ><

I don't have any zit cream (the creamy kind, at least) so I can't work on her at the moment. Can you also put the cream on the hard plastic limbs?


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